• Nabila Risti Ramadani Agus Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Muhamad Fathurrohman Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
  • Siti Nurul Basitha Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia


The research that has been carried out aims to determine the analysis of training needs for the physical condition of male and female futsal athletes based on physical conditions. This condition is a component that can be said to be very important, especially for futsal players who really depend on the player's condition because in the game the player is required to keep moving. This research method is a method using an instrument in the form of a PSQI questionnaire using Google Form with qualitative descriptive analysis techniques. The sample in this study consisted of 8 athletes consisting of 5 female athletes and 3 male athletes. The results of this research were that athletes felt there was a lack of infrastructure or facilities at the training ground. To carry out routine training every day so that they remain physically fit and if their physical condition is weak, some athletes will stop and recover first to maximize competition time. Due to the lack of physical activity among futsal athletes, it is necessary to suggest efforts to increase aerobic endurance for some of these athletes so that they carry out appropriate training, so that the athletes' abilities can be maximized when competing in competitions to become the highest achievers at several regional levels or even national.

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Agus, N. R. R., Fathurrohman, M., & Siti Nurul Basitha. (2024). ANALYSIS OF ACHIEVEMENT AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIPS . JURNAL AORTA, 1(02). Retrieved from