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Urban potential development has now penetrated into rural areas. The development of rural potential has also been included in the Regional Spatial Plan for each urban area. Pongkar Village is one of the villages located in Tebing District, and is a village located on the border. This village has great potential for development, such as the tourism, mining, fishery, plantation, livestock and industrial sectors. In this study, there is an analysis of geographical, social, economic and cultural conditions. The purpose of this study is to identify the potentials possessed by Pongkar Village, and its development strategy. This study can also be used by the government or village officials as material for consideration, to determine strategic steps in developing the potential of Pongkar Village. The type of research used is descriptive qualitative method. Based on the results of the calculations that have been carried out, it was found that the greatest potential possessed by Pongkar Village is the tourism sector, followed by the natural resources and socio-cultural sectors. The development strategy is to increase the number of entertainment facilities, create an agricultural, plantation, animal husbandry and fishery environment that attracts the attention of visitors. As well as making an annual event in the form of cultural performances.

Pelita Kota, February 2024